Logan Brown

Darren Walker

Brown has all the tools to be an impact playmaker at the next level. Despite his towering size, he doesn’t play a powerful, speed-driven, in-your-face game, but he does use his frame to protect the puck and plays a solid all-around game. He has loads of speed tucked away in those long strides, but you almost rarely see him hit 100%. Brown is a smooth skater with a strong center of gravity, making it extremely difficult for opponents to move him off the puck or knock him around. Even with the puck and stretched out, he still maintains power and stability as he stays balanced and upright through contact. Brown is a very fluid skater with quick lateral movements that belies a kid with his size. He displays impressive hockey sense and overall awareness with and without the puck. When holding the puck down low in the offensive zone, Brown has solid recognition of what his teammates are doing and is quick to cycle with the man coming in behind him, knowing exactly when the man is approaching and timing the drop pass right. He possesses soft hands and is skilled with the puck. Brown makes it very hard to take the puck off him, especially on the wall when he uses his back to push checks off. Away from the puck, he is a workhorse as he attempts to get the puck from the man, not easing off until he forces his opponent to turn it over or Brown strips him of it. He has a quick wrist shot, and is quite deceptive as he doesn’t always get into a shooting position so goalies don’t expect a shot coming off the blade. He has a nose for the net and will make his presence known in front of the crease, while standing his ground and not allowing his opponent to move him. Brown’s passes are hard, crisp and lead the man through lanes. He has the ability to see lanes develop and make the pass. He adjusts his body perfectly to receive the pass on a give-andgo, quickly feeding his man right back. In the faceoff circle, Brown uses his strength to his advantage to tie up his man and prevent him from taking control. Defensively, Brown picks up his check and plays a good game down low, pushing his check to the outside and plastering him into the wall if necessary to separate the man from the puck.  (May 2016)