Linus Nyman

Aaron Vickers

A gifted two-way centre…full 200 foot player who supports all over the ice…speedy winger…great feet and quickness, agile…explodes through seams and is hard to contain…challenges defensive gaps and has the quickness and agility to pace an attack…tiny player that typically struggles with physical play…isn’t overly flashy but he goes to the right places on the ice to open himself up to receive passes and avoid traffic to make plays…he isn’t afraid to go to the front of the net, and his decisions to stay away from contact on entries are often calculated ones…has a dangerous shot…a lethal release in tight…goes to the high slot or the top of the crease and waits for loose pucks to squirt out to him…good playmaker who puts puck through holes to hit teammates open…size is not too much of an issue as he is a very slick player who showed highly impressive skill to dodge, elude opponents and get in on attack…he has very impressive offensive tools and upside as a projected top nine winger at the next level.  (November 2016)