Linus Lindstrom

Aaron Vickers

Lindstrom is an excellent playmaking center. He sees lanes before they open up and hits his teammates with perfectly placed passes that they can skate into. He delivers hard, crisp passes of all ranges as well as the skilled saucer pass when the situation calls for one. Despite his size, he has no qualms with throwing the body and displays persistence on the forecheck. Lindstrom possesses a very good release on his shot off the rush and shows some excellent accuracy while moving at a full speed. After releasing a quick wrist shot, he crashes the net to disturb the goalie and look for any garbage. His biggest strength on the ice is his hockey smarts. He always seems to be in the right position, making smart plays, helping out in all zones and working hard. He comes back in support deep into the defensive zone and picks up the puck, skating it up ice or delivering a skilled dish ahead to his winger, setting up the quick transition before following up the play. Defensively, he is aware; he sees needs all over the ice and tries to fill them. While skating into the offensive zone, he can make a deke or two to get past the opponents. He combines using his sharp-cutting edgework, agility and hand speed to pass defenders. He has a decent, but not great top speed. However, with his slippery mobility, opponents still struggled defending or knocking the puck off of him.  (May 2016)