Linus Arnesson

Darren Walker

Arnesson is an unassuming two-way defender who needs to improve his skating as his straight-line speed is good but his lateral mobility, transitions and first step acceleration could be developed. He likes to join the rush and doesn’t hesitate in the offensive zone from time-to-time. This is a good thing but can also lead to odd man transitions. He’s at his best when he plays a safe and simple defensive minded game. He has some strong defensive potential as he reads the play well. Not a true puck rusher by any means, but Arnesson makes strong passes, both breakout and short touch type but is not one to be overly creative with the puck. He has moments where he tries to force the puck into closed off spaces. He’s calm playing the puck with poise deep in his own zone showing no panic. He’s also willing and able to use his size to play a physical brand of hockey, eliminating checks along the wall and in front of the net. He can, however, get too focused on his man though and lose sight of the overall play go- ing on around him. Arnesson has limited offensive upside as he just does not have very strong offensive instincts needed to put up many points at the next level. (May 2013)