Liam Pecararo

Aaron Vickers

Pecararo poured on the goals and assists for a strong Waterloo team this season, helping them back into the Clark Cup Finals. Pecararo is a high-skill, high-compete player who has some impressive upside. Pecararo is a very strong skater, with explosive speed and quickness going end to end with the puck. He has powerful crossovers, and is able to drive wide around defensemen and find open space with his acceleration. He is also crisp on his edges and able to elude pressure. Pecararo has a pretty strong handle on the puck, accepting passes in stride and using his impressive stick skills to get by the defense. He won’t go crazy with the puck, but he’ll make the necessary move to get around his opposition. Pecararo has very strong eyes when the puck is on his stick. He sees the ice as well as anyone in his draft year and made some real impressive assists during the season. Pecararo distributes the puck very effectively, locating lanes and seams through pressure and making the play. He will often set up down low on the PP and create plays from below the goal line. Pecararo also owns a quick wrist shot with decent release speed, and he will find space around the net for chances as well. He is a hard-working player who understands his role defensively. He comes back hard with the play and does an effective job at stealing lanes with his stick and getting his body in position to take the shot. He knows how to play the half boards and get his stick in play to take the point away. He has played PK with Waterloo. Pecararo isn’t afraid to get involved physically, but this is where he has some downfall. He needs to add some muscle to his frame and he needs to become a tougher player to play against physically to help him get to that next level. (May 2014)