Leon Draisaitl

Darren Walker

Draisaitl is a big, puck-protecting playmaker with excellent vision. He shrugs off checks with ease and shows elite-level poise in his ability to distribute the puck under pressure. Draisaitl skates with a wide base, which provides decent straight-line speed and good balance along the boards. He is a very good puck protector as he uses his shoulders and reach to create distance between defenders. Thinks the game at a high level, always seems to find a way to get the puck to his teammates in dangerous areas and brings different looks every time he enters the offensive zone. Very smooth hands in traffic and on the y. Makes good decisions with the puck and has elite vision. He uses his hands and strength to effectively create space for himself. Draisaitl’s passing abilities and vision are at an elite level. He has an innate sense of where his teammates are at all times. He shows great touch and accuracy on all his passes, and he is equally adept on both the forehand and backhand. He shows exceptional creativity and even if his passes can’t be made tape to tape, he puts the puck in open space where his teammates will get to it first. He possesses a strong shot, has a quick release and doesn’t take long to get the puck off his stick and accurately on net. His play in the offensive zone away from the puck is also impressive. Very subtly can go undetected, fade behind coverage and shake defenders to get himself in an open position. (May 2014)