Lawson Crouse

Darren Walker

Crouse is a big, explosive winger that hits like a truck. He is a smart player, but doesn’t
stand out with any flash or dash in regards to puck handling skills. The big bodied player skates well,
with no huge amount of speed, but exceptional stability; once he gets up to speed he is incredibly
difficult to stop or angle off. Crouse does have a powerful stride that gets him moving and generates
solid speed levels for his size. Moves well with the puck, does not slow down at all, and makes it near
impossible for opposing players to knock him off it or strip him. Not the fastest hands around but
strong and does wonders with them: holding off defenders with his free hand or just being heavy on
his stick. Has an impressive ability to drive the net or cycle along the wall, all while seeing passing
lanes and making split second decisions with the puck–impressive traits for such a big man.
Smooth hands on the rush as he can pull the puck around a sliding defender and get a swift
backhand pass on the tape of the centerman streaking in. Puts some heat on his passes and
he connects with his target on the tape. Is always moving to create passing options and lanes,
and utilizes his large frame to bull his way through opponents to create his own lanes. Crouse
gets to the right areas to score and has a wicked release on his heavy wrist shot. Crouse has
no fear in engaging physically. He knows when and where to use his body effectively and
plays his man well. Can lay a crushing hit when he sees fit and is not afraid a give a little
cheap shot after the whistle to get the opposition going. He is a beast on the forecheck
and forces defensemen to panic and make mistakes. Nearly impossible to move in front
and doesn’t get rattled by anybody as he fights off checks and pushes his way to create
space. Hockey sense is solid and he makes good decisions with and without the puck.
A very good communicator on the ice and knows where to be defensively, sometimes
does a tad too much as he covers his check and that of his linemates. Crouse is a
sure fire future NHLer.  (May 2015)