Laurent Dauphin

Darren Walker

Dauphin routinely displays his smart, heady play who has some good skills. He always seems to make something happen whenever he touches the puck. He has good feet that generate fine speed, however, he needs to add strength as he currently is knocked off the puck too easily. It is his shiftiness that beats opponents rather than speed. He handles the puck well and displays very tricky, quick hands where at times the puck appears glued to his stick. Dauphin makes strong passes, both saucer and with high velocity. His pass- ing is complimented by good vision and creativity even while under pressure and gets the puck where he wants it. His shot is not overly hard but it does jump off his blade quickly. He is also strong at finding good position to get his shots off from. He is very alert, aware and able to make quick decisions in all zones. Dauphin is not a physical threat nor is he overly effective when the game gets tough. He does surprise at times though his resiliency after he takes a hit and is a defensively responsible player who will block shots use positioning and what strength he has to make a difference. (May 2013)