Kyle Connor

Darren Walker

Connor is an explosive skater who tends to skate fairly upright, though he is shifty
and can change directions on a dime. Has the ability to catch the puck carrier with his long stride and
explosiveness. With speed, he has the ability to control the puck from behind his back and up to the
front of his body all while entering the zone without slowing down one bit. He is a creative player who
can dish the puck with ease and can stickhandle in and out of trouble. Hands of gold and oozes skill
with the puck. Can make some jaw dropping dekes and does so with a smoothness. Zone entries
and exits are done with full control and impressive amounts of speed. The kid never stops moving,
always active, trying to provide a better option or getting to the areas where he needs to get
his nose dirty. Buzzes all around the net in hopes of getting an offensive chance. He possesses
incredible vision, seeing lanes develop and exploiting defensive mishaps from the half wall. He
offers support to the puck carrier on the wall down low in hopes of being in a better position
to create offense. Trails the opposing puck carrier in perfect shadowing position in order to
apply backpressure or lift the stick and pick off the puck, quickly turning it back up ice. He
possesses a deceptive wrist shot with good velocity that forces the goalie to make a save:
one lateral step and a slight flick of the wrist while no one around him had the slightest idea
that he was attempting to shoot until it left his stick. Has a quick release and makes his
own lanes to feed passes or get shots through. Elite ability to create offense and make
beautiful passes through lanes that looks near impossible to get through. Connor is very
good in tight space with the puck and pulls off different moves to get around defenders.
Not a physical guy but will take a hit to make a play, and doesn’t let getting crushed into
the wall stop him from making a play first to a teammate.  (May 2015)