Kyle Capobianco

Aaron Vickers

Capobianco is an underrated two-way rearguard who plays top pair minutes and plays a fair share of special teams. He is a smooth skater who is very mobile on his feet and is quite balanced. He possesses a strong skating base and is hard to knock around. Moves well laterally and can cut the angles effectively thanks to this. Fast feet, but could slow it down and lengthen his stride a little more in order to make his movements more powerful and efficient. Skates fairly well with the puck–can protect it as he moves up ice, but not overly creative. Not the most creative hands around, but the kid can stickhandle his way out of trouble. Has the ability to protect the puck as he shifts his body and is strong on the puck to shield it from opponents. Makes smooth, on-point passes through lanes that are just developing. Reads the ice well on the breakout and makes a strong outlet to spark the attack. Defensively, he makes very strong reads of the play coming his way, stepping up to deny the pass to a man streaking into the lane in front of him. Uses his stick more often than his body when covering an attacker in front of the net. Doesn’t play a hard game, but uses the size he has to protect the puck, rub the puck carrier off to remove the puck, and play a reliable game on the wall and down low in his own zone. (May 2015)