Kirill Pilipenko

Darren Walker

A slick and skilled offensive juggernaut. Explosive acceleration and high-end top speed, he
also moves laterally really well. Incredibly fun to watch on the ice and he possesses both creativity
and good stickhandling. He is able to control the puck at high speeds and has the ability
to make defenders who step up on him look foolish with a quick deke or head fake. Likes the
puck on his stick and is more of a finisher than playmaker, but does make good short-range,
quick passes in the offensive zone to open teammates. Not much of a physical game, but does
win a few board battles, using his quick feet and stick. Always seems to be near the puck, finding
open spaces on the ice, which displays a goal scorer’s hockey IQ. Incredibly slippery in traffic;
his puck skills are five-star. A true breakout/zone entry catalyst. He is physically weak and is only
effective when he has the time and space to make a play. Often fails to support his defensemen
as a target, but boy, once the puck is on his stick, he is a dangerous weapon. Not much–if
any–defensive game to speak of at this point. Made an impression on our scouts as the type of
skilled player who can be a game changer.  (May 2015)