Kirill Kaprizov

Darren Walker

Kaprizov is a small forward with top-notch offensive instincts and a hard-working mantra that
make him seem a lot bigger than his size indicates. He skates very well, accelerating in seconds
to full speed. He carries the puck well and shows some creativity in his hands. He has some skill
with his stick but tends not to “dipsy doodle” unless he has the space and can afford to be a bit
riskier. Kaprizov doesn’t get knocked off the puck easily and is very smart, finding space and
finding a way out of pressure. He is very good at moving the puck and puts some real zip on his
passes. He can play the point on the powerplay and is very fit for the role due to his awareness
and risk assessment skills. He has a strong shot. Not really a sniper, but he is a hard worker who
will not be hesitant to pass on opportunities. He is a very poised skater who is patient but will
battle hard or knock someone into next week if they seem to be vulnerable. Keeps pressure on
the puck carrier and limits passing activity with an active stick. His ability to transition pucks out
of the zone is impressive. Has all it takes to become an elite NHL forward. Great character guy
as well, always hard on the forecheck and playing physical despite his lack of size.  (May 2015)