Kieffer Bellows

Darren Walker

Bellows—the son of former NHLer Brian Bellows—is the perfect example of a “meat and potatoes”-type player. He plays the game the right way, gets involved in the dirty areas, plays physically and has a drive to succeed. Bellows has a knack for driving to the net, and throwing the opposition off with his deceptive shoulder dips and quick, two-step acceleration. He plays a power-forward style of game, and engages physically, whether by making a check on defense or posting up in the slot for screen attempts. Bellows plays with intensity and drive, a great mix of skill and strength, and is really adept at knowing when to dangle a defender or bull-rush the net. He brings a diverse and mature offensive skill set. Bellows protects the puck very well and is tough to separate from it. He also has a knack of exploiting defenders who over-commit in an attempt to gain leverage. Bellows is dynamite along the wall and goes to tough, high-scoring areas. Despite not being big by NHL standards, he is very physically mature and imposes his will on the ice. Bellows is a natural goal-scorer and possesses a heavy shot. He knows it’s a weapon and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger from anywhere in the offensive zone. He’s mastered the lost art of the high-velocity backhand; goalies need to be wary anytime he has the puck on his stick in close. Bellows also has an understated intelligence in the offensive zone: he seems to always be in the right place at the right time, and he finds soft spots to get open for one-timers. He plays with a dogged determination, is relentless in puck pursuit, exploits mistakes and wins battles. He also shows a bit of a mean streak and isn’t afraid to mix it up at all.   (May 2016)