Kevin Stenlund

Aaron Vickers

Stenlund is a smart, big and responsible center; more of a classic playmaker with a touch of scoring. He has taken some big steps since last season and is now team captain and a guy to rely on in both ends. He’s a big guy with smooth skating, really good puck protection and the ability to carry the puck through all three zones. His speed will not blow anyone away, but he gets to where he needs to. Has some impressive size and strength, and is willing to use it. Very calm and con dent on the puck, takes the little extra time to set up his teammates in a better situation. Uses his big body to brake in front of the net and set up a screen or battle for rebounds. In his own end he leads his team by getting into shooting lanes, blocking shots, battling in the corners and outworking his opponent. A good thing for him to work on would be his shot as it lacks zip in its release and power on his one-timer. His skills in the face-off circle are one aspect he truly dominates in, which is not normally the case for a young prospect. He has the skills and sense to play on your power play. Needs to work on his skating, it ́s OK for a guy with his size but should be an area he looks to improve. Few young players combine his skill set. Big, smart, solid work ethic and oozes leadership. Flying under the draft hype radar. (May 2015)