Kevin Fiala

Darren Walker

An ultra-skilled offensive player with quick hands. Fiala is an above-average skater, both in agility and acceleration. He’s not the biggest guy, but he has good balance and strength and is hard to knock of the puck. Not afraid of board battles against bigger players. Fiala has a top-notch shot, one of the best among draft-eligibles in Europe — both hard and accurate — and off his stick in a ash. His backhand causes all kinds of trouble for goaltenders. Fiala has good vision and is a creative passer. He has awesome hands. He dekes, he covers the puck well, and has good control and stickhandling; always tries to be creative and search for the open areas. He creates offensive opportunities for himself and his teammates with his good hockey IQ and determination. With the puck on his stick in the offensive zone, Fiala plays at a very high pace, making him hard to defend against by combining his fine skating with excellent puck-handling skills. Always finds himself a way to get that extra second with the puck. He never gives up on a play and fights for the puck as long as possible. Top-notch positional play, both offensively and defensively. Uses his body well to shield the puck in the offensive zone and is strong enough to keep most opponents off him. High-level hockey IQ and puts himself in good position to intercept passes. Plays with great poise, always seems to be ahead of the play, first guy to go on offense, but doesn’t neglect his defensive responsibilities. Very good confidence; doesn’t hesitate to challenge the opponent’s defense and he knows where the goal is. Scrappy and likes to agitate his opponents, often delivering small slashes and hacks after the whistle. Feisty, but he does it perfectly, getting under his opponent’s skin without taking penalties. He ́s used to older opponents, so he was able to handle the transition from J20 to SHL very well. (May 2014)