Kevin Davis

Aaron Vickers

Davis is a multi-situational D-man. He is an excellent puck mover from the back end, moving
well with quick feet and fluid overall mobility. He is a wide, powerful skater with good, quick
transitions. He displays good patience with the puck and isn’t afraid to carry the puck up ice
with his skating. He gets his head up to read passing and shooting options. Has good control
with the puck to make crisp passes that hit right on the tape of his target’s stick. Defensively, he
utilizes good positioning and has the gap control and skating ability to stick with forwards, giving
them no time or space to make a dangerous offensive play. Has no fear in playing the physical
game, even dropping the gloves when called for. Angles off the puck carrier well, with good gap
control, and will physically engage in board battles; however, his effectiveness in using his average-
sized frame is lacking. Can get caught chasing an opponent in his own zone and needs to
disengage sooner as he gets caught out of position. Has an active stick, protects the puck well
and is effective along the wall. Very calm and composed for a young player. He still has lots to
learn, but does have pro upside to his game. He would need to continue to refine his defensive
game, but his puck management and movement are impressive.  (May 2015)