Ken Appleby

Aaron Vickers

A big body that provides natural coverage. He stays up in his posture when down in the butter y, covering the upper portions of the net well. More of a blocker than acrobatic stopper at this level, but does have the ability to make those athletic second and third stops when needed. Long legs that seal off the ice surface well. Long arms with a gigantic wingspan to help cover the side of the net. Looks like an octopus at times when he ashes out a limb to make a save. Has a strong blocker to knock pucks to the corner or out of play. Seals off the posts well and uses his size and angles well to eliminate any openings. Battles for his space in and around the crease. Keeps his focus on the puck and tracks it right into his chest or glove. As many big lanky stoppers do, he has a tendency to forget about his open five-hole when moving around his crease. Has worked hard to stay compact with his arms and close off those openings. Has really worked hard to improve his footwork and overall mobility during his time as a backup in Oshawa. Those improvements have really helped his overall game as he took over the starter role for the Generals this season and was a big part in the Generals winning the OHL Championship. (May 2015)