Keith Petruzzelli

Aaron Vickers

Petruzelli is that monster puck stopper that all NHL teams crave. His size is the first thing that jumps out at you but after you watch him a little you see that this kid can really play. Decent feet in goal, pretty good positioning. Uses his size well to cover a large portion of the net, even when down on the ice or when moving from side to side. He’s surprisingly quick for such a lanky goaltender. His movements are methodical and smooth. Thanks to his size he is able to cover a large portion of the lower net despite showing some issues with segmented lateral movement. He is calm in the net and avoids fighting the puck by letting play come to him and not getting deceived all too often. Has a huge wing span and with some aggressive crease positioning he is hard to beat when squared to his shooter. His athleticism allows him to move well up and down quickly for a big man, sealing off the five-hole and areas low inside the post. His glove is a bit of a work in progress as he can have difficulty getting a bead on high shots and not really getting an immediate snag on rebounds, letting pucks fall to his feet before covering. Seals posts well and is pretty economical in the net, trying to avoid a million small tweaks to positioning. Has the advantage to peer over screens but also gets low and competes down low. He is a tender who benefits from size but has some refining to do to their respective games.