Keegan Iverson

Darren Walker

A power forward with excellent balance and strength. He’s a thunder- ing skater who can get up and going, although his first two steps are not blazing, and he is tough to knock off his path. He’s 216 pounds and still looks skinny, which tells us he can ll out to be quite the load. He handles the puck well on the rush, but he does struggle in tight situations. He has adequate, but not close to high-level hockey sense and good skills with regard to passing. He does not thread the needle to spring unexpected breakaways, but he is able to make excel- lent skilled, hard passes. He’s got an adequate wrist shot and slap shot, but they take too long to get off his stick. He needs improvement to be quicker to grab loose pucks and re them. He’s a heavy player and he uses his weight well. He doesn’t seem to always seek out big hits, but he finishes checks well and in a productive manner. He doesn’t lose his cool and take emotional hits, but uses his body to separate the player from the puck. He also doesn’t punish players in vulnerable positions. He is just adequate defensively, and could be a lot better. He’s got good instincts, an excellent hockey frame and a long, active stick. (May 2014)