Keaton Thompson

Darren Walker

Thompson is a smooth two-way defender that when he is on his game plays a virtually mistake-free game. He’s really fluid and graceful skater; effortlessly hovers across the ice. He’s also a very good directional skater, strong on his edges, very efficient and maintains his speed when changing direction. He is not afraid to jump up in the play on the rush, but knows when to rein it in when the time is not right to jump up or retreat back to the point when his job is done on the rush. Thompson makes a good first pass and sees the ice real well, allowing him to also use his pass as a weapon on the rush. He makes smart little plays to relieve pressure; little touch passes against the grain, etc. and is ridiculously poised with pressure bearing down on him. His passes never rushed in any situation, and he shows some creativity on a long range pass where he can kiss one off the half-wall past an opponent up to a forward waiting for it. He can show some edge with a dirty slash here or there, but is not a physical player overall. His offensive upside is truly an unknown as he is not overly creative with the puck on his stick with hand or head fakes, instead opting for the simple play more often than not. More of an active stick type of defender than a physical one; uses his lateral mobility and reach to defend. (May 2013)