Kasper Bjorkqvist

Aaron Vickers

Bjorkqvist is a versatile and responsible two-way forward with raw upside. He may not be the most talented or creative forward, but he does many things well. Often suffers from having tunnel vision in certain situations when he has the puck and tries to gain the zone or make a play himself instead of using his options. When he gets himself to the net, he is very dangerous. He shoots the puck well with good accuracy and can also put the puck to the net from sharp angles. Possesses strong determination; he never seems to quit on any play. He shows a good stick and decent positioning in the defensive zone. He’s a well-balanced skater with decent straight-line speed when he gets going, but some extra agility would be a nice addition. He constantly talks to referees after whistles and complains, which is a negative aspect he can eliminate from his game. He’s physical and works hard in every game, but it is still undecided and not sure how much high-end offensive potential there is. With that said, however, Björkqvist’s style of play could t in well on the North American ice. He plays a pretty simple game, but he’s strong at it and he can create havoc for the opponents in the offensive zone. (May 2015)