Karson Kuhlman

Darren Walker

Kuhlman is a very speedy winger who accelerates well and uses his speed to catch up on the backcheck or carry the puck end to end. Kuhlman hits very high speeds on the ice and can be tough to handle at times. While there are some inconsistencies in his offensive game and potential, Kuhlman has average stick skills, with the ability to make the occasional move to beat a defender. Kuhlman has a lethal wrist shot with a quick, deceptive release. He is very smart with the puck, and does a good job locating lanes to make crisp, ac- curate feeds off the rush. Often, Kuhlman is at his best when he is driving the middle lane to the net and getting chances around the goal. He likes to cause havoc in front for goaltenders and defenders trying to knock him away. There is no quit in Kuhlman, and he will take the bumps and bruises for a scoring chance around the goal. Kuhlman will always be the first one into the corner to battle for a puck. His will and competitive edge is very high and it is what makes him an effective all-around player. Kuhlman is an effective backchecker, using his speed to get back in the play, and using his stick and body to force players off the puck. He does a good job turning the game around and is a quick transitional forward. Kuhlman covers his defensive assignments appropriately and is willing to give his body for a shot block. (May 2014)