Karch Bachman

Aaron Vickers

Bachman is a dynamic and dangerous offensive threat. He is always involved, drives all over the place and just catches your attention every time he is on the ice. His best skill is definitely his skating ability; he has an amazing set of wheels. He shows blazing speed, extremely explosive through the neutral zone. It even looks like he picks up another gear when carrying the puck. He has slick hands and a quick, hard shot, but could afford to work on the accuracy. He has a dangerous backhander that he can lift up top shelf with very little room or time. Does a remarkable job of gaining the zone and drawing defenders to himself on the outside before dishing a soft centering pass. At this level he consistently separates himself from opponents with his deceptive speed burst and solid puck-handling ability. He does not engage as much in the defensive zone as we would like to see as he is the kind of player who does what wingers are supposed to do, but does not drive down and battle or support his defense like strong centers should. He likes to play the body even though he’s not really big nor looks like he knows how to drive his shoulder through opponents while going for the hit. This Miami of Ohio recruit is smart, elusive and holds some real offensive potential going forward. (May 2015)