Kameron Kielly

Aaron Vickers

A strong role type player who is good at many things but not ashy offensively or very physical. Kielly is a good skater, but his feet could be quicker. Puck skills are just OK; not the best hands but he can pull a nice deke once in a while to gain the zone. He protects the puck well with his body and reach. His passes are both accurate and skilled; he can make great saucer and touch passes. He’s got a quick wrist shot and an accurate slap shot, but should add some velocity on them with added strength. He’s not a sniper, but instead, a smart two-way player who can do a bit of everything. Not always physical but will rub guys out and work for pucks along the wall. Plays with an edge sometimes, but not consistently enough for the role you would want him to fill at the next level. Strong on the cycle, and can get under the opponent’s skin from time to time. Defensively, he has great positioning; he has a good stick to cut passing lanes, take away shooting lanes and blocks shots. A staple on the PK for Charlottetown as he has a knack for clogging up the zone. Displays very strong support for teammates in all situations and is effective on face-offs. His defensive reads are solid, and he knows his role as a center. Another one of those guys who has limited offensive upside. (May 2015)