Kaapo Kahkonen

Darren Walker

Kahkonen has good a natural size and build, and he displays impressive speed and mobility in net. He has an explosive push in goal and gets side to side very quickly to take away the bottom of the net. He anticipates the play well in goal, and is able to react to cross passes quickly and effectively. His rebound control is strong, either eating shots or deflecting them out of harm’s way. He is able to handle pucks through screens and through traffic. He handled his higher shots well, and he is strong down low. He is poised in net and communicates actively with his teammates. He has quick re exes and a good, active blocker with a quick glove hand. Kahkonen’s positioning in goal is above average, but there are times when he gets a little lazy and leaves his post too soon. His focus seems to be an issue too. He allows some weak goals against that it looks like he should be able to handle. Kahkonen showed very good agility and balance. He was quite aggressive and he knows when to challenge shooters. Kahkonen already has NHL size, as well as solid technical skills. His game suffers from bouts of inconsistent play. Struggled through a very inconsistent U18 tournament and his draft stock took a bit of a hit. (May 2014)