Juuse Saros

Aaron Vickers

Saros is an undersized but highly talented puck stopper. Overall, his movements are balanced and quick. He needs to have that quick lateral ability as he is a reactionary pucks stopper. He has decent footwork in the crease and the ability to push out quickly to challenge shooters. He always keeps his head on a swivel and monitors the developing play and shows really strong positioning. A goalie with shorter stature than NHL teams typically look for, Saros needs to continually track the puck and make reactionary saves for most of shots he faces. He also needs to maintain his correct posture to help himself look as big as possible in the net, he does so very well. Despite the style he plays, Saros is a composed, focused kid who once he gains some confidence can elevate his game to elite levels. He’s a fundamentally sound goaltender that competes and has the ability to steal a game from his opponent any given night. Despite his lack of size, there is a whole lot of professional promise to his game. Rebounds can be a bit of an issue for him. (May 2013)