Julius Nattinen

Aaron Vickers

Nattinen is a two-way center who plays a solid playmaking game. He has good skating mechanics and is solid in his skates but doesn’t really have an extra gear that will drop jaws. He can generate speed on the rush but works best when he flows with the play and uses his smarts to find the openings. He likes a mix of possession and puck distribution. He shines when given time and space like on the power play. Has a cool head and is efficient under pressure. Spots teammates well and can open up space with quick and accurate passes. Has some soft mitts and a big frame to support some power forward characteristics when in the offensive zone and in transition. Is an excellent passer but can also score a goal with a well-placed shot. Strong positioning in the defensive zone and plays a highly efficient center’s role. Supports the puck well and goes to work when called upon. Good job at disrupting plays and being in a position of strength when defending. We like his consistency to deliver the same product from shift to shift. Played really well for a plucky Finnish team at theU18’s in April. If he can improve his skating stride and work on improving his hands he could become a real dangerous prospect and a high value selection. (May 2015)