Julius Bergman

Darren Walker

Big and defensively sound defenseman who plays a no-nonsense game. Plays on the power play and handles the puck with decent confidence. Displays good vision and a good point shot. His crisp passing game is simple, but highly effective; puts good zip on his feeds. Not a creative dangler who makes ashy plays, but instead is effective with simple, smart puck-moving plays. Good instincts, he knows when a scoring chance is about to present itself and jumps on the opportunity. Provides a solid physical presence on the ice. Good in one-on-one puck battles, stands up well to incoming opponents along the blue line and rubs them out along the wall. Gets his body into lanes and disrupts opponents with a solid stick. Will- ing to get his nose dirty and engage in rough stuff and after-whistle scrums. Sturdy stay-at-home defenseman with general puck-moving ability. (May 2014)