Julio Billia

Aaron Vickers

Billia is a very athletic butter y stopper with the ability to keep control while swimming and making that desperation save. Very quick moving laterally both while on his feet and while standing up. Jumps out to the top of his crease aggressively to cut down angles and is very active moving around. Impressive glove hand that is lightning fast, and he makes highlight-reel saves. Is strong at making those last-ditch effort stops, blocking deflections and staying focused on shots that bounce off multiple bodies. Keeps his posture high so he does not leave too much open up high, and uses his stick and blocker to move the puck away from danger. The big knock is an obvious one, his size. He is a throwback to the quick, Manny Leg- ace-style stopper who relies on athleticism and re exes as he does not have the height or width to be a puck blocker like so many tenders are today. (May 2014)