Julien Gauthier

Darren Walker

Gauthier is a mammoth winger with a nose for the net. This fitness freak plays a very simple game. He has a long and powerful skating stride that allows him to get to any spot on the ice in time to be involved in the play. His skating is pretty impressive, considering that he has that big frame to move around. Gauthier’s first steps are pretty good so he can reach his top speed quicker than most other big guys his age. He has skilled hands and a power game, allowing him to either carry the puck on his hip on the way to the crease or deke his way around a defender with a slick move. Gauthier is impossible for QMJHL defenders to move in front of the net and he is highly effective at that spot on the power play. He is a net-front presence who slides out into the slot to receive passes opportunistically. Gauthier hops on loose pucks with his long stick and has a dangerous shot that he gets a lot behind. He also utilizes his reach to sweep the puck around defenders and goaltenders when rebounds are available in the crease area. He dominates his opponents with big hits. Every time he had the chance to finish his checks, Gauthier did and he hit hard. He is strong and uses his size effectively in puck battles. A physical presence in his own zone, he removes his mark from the puck along the boards with a hard check or just by being stronger than his opponent. He reads the play well and knows where to be to cut a passing or shooting lane. Gauthier possesses the willingness to drop in front of a shot or take a whack to clear the puck. He is a solid crease-crashing, shoot-first scoring option on the wing with an NHL frame and athleticism. His game should translate well at the next level if he can bring up his intensity.  (May 2016)