Josh Mahura

Aaron Vickers

Mahura is an electrifying, puck-moving defender who was injured most of the season. He showcased enticing offensive flair, however, in the few games and scrimmages we were able to see him the past two years. While we wouldn’t call his skating stride picture-perfect, his atypical stride seems to actually be an asset as it is very difficult to predict his movement. Mahura is extremely slippery and shows an enhanced escapability; forechecking forwards have a tough time containing him. He is always looking to jump into the play and is never content to be a passenger on the ice. Mahura is a huge asset in the offensive third. His mobility and instincts at the blue line can lead to some shifts where the opposing team gets really hemmed in. He is also consistently looking to exploit empty space and he will find backdoor lanes if they are left open. As a puck handler, Mahura has an innate sense of the space he has available to him. He is very comfortable and calm in tight spaces; he often seems to wriggle out of crowds with the puck on his stick. Mahura has a decent shot; while he excels at finding lanes to get the puck through shotblockers, he often misses the net as well. Defensively, he has some room to improve as well. He is fine at containing forwards in the defensive zone, however, he lacks the strength to routinely separate the puck carrier from the puck. Mahura has a tantalizing toolbox, but has also shown a propensity for some glaring mental mistakes, typical of skilled defenders at a young age.   (May 2016)