Josh Jacobs

Darren Walker

Jacobs carries good size and tremendous mobility, with the ability to make an impact at both ends of the ice. Jacobs is a very strong skater with quick feet, a powerful stride and the ability to turn on the afterburners and escape pressure with the puck. Jacobs is a player who became more and more consistent and reliable as the season progressed, leading to a rise in his draft stock. He is an efficient shutdown player in his own end who does a very good job at splitting the ice on puck carries traveling down the wing, and taking away lanes and space to work from forwards. He likes to throw his weight around and plays a tough, hard-nosed game in his own end. He does a very good job sticking tight to opposing players and keeping them off the puck. At times, his aggressiveness will take him out of position defensively, but this has improved drastically over the season. There is also offensive upside to Jacobs’ game, as the powerful defenseman has the ability to rush the puck out of trouble and he does a good job finding lanes and connecting on passes. He has a quick, hard slap shot with fair accuracy. He does a decent job working the PP. (May 2014)