Joseph Woll

Aaron Vickers

Woll is a poised and reliable butterfly-style puckstopper. He is very calm in his net, rarely looks panicked and is always in full control of his movements. He has a good anticipation of the developing plays around him, which allows him to accomplish some timely saves to keep his team in every game. His leg moves are also accurate and he always seems to find the right spot to be when a shot is taken. Woll moves well going post-to-post, although he could add some quickness in that regard. He is very quick popping up and dropping down, and mobile moving in and out of his crease. Woll is safe in that his large frame allows him to stay within his blue paint more often than not so he can get back if the approaching shooter fakes and goes for an in-close deke or pass instead. He is solid fundamentally, has quick reflexes and can make some acrobatic plays when necessary. He needs to track the puck better.  Woll seems to lose sight of the puck in tight and also when the play is developing at the blue line. With his size, he should be able to fight through any crease traffic, and see over players in front of him in an attempt to stop the puck. He has a tendency to push back very deep in his crease, and this results in a lot of his angles being off. His puckhandling ability and stick work are good, but not great. Woll isn’t afraid to try to make plays with the puck on dump-ins and board wraps. Has some strong upside as a big, yet athletic, stopper.  (May 2016)