Joseph Masonius

Aaron Vickers

Masonius is a blueliner who uses his strength and physicality to his advantage time and time again. He has confidence with the puck on the breakout and he loves to join the rush, skating with the puck and passing it off when he sees an opening. His passes are sharp, leading his man right on their tape. Masonius also loves to fire the puck and does so with his heavy slap shot every time he gets the puck on his stick at the point and he has an open lane to the net. He has the wheels and confidence to control the puck. Masonius is also aggressive in the offensive zone, pinching deep to retrieve the puck or for a backdoor scoring opportunity. He sees open ice and gets to it to open up options for his teammates with the puck. He likes to step up and deliver a check if his opponent is vulnerable. Masonius battles hard along the wall and to clear out the front of the net. He sees checks out of his peripherals and takes his time to safely dish the puck before willingly absorbing the check. Defensively, he pushes his man to the outside with strong stick and body positioning. He has good gap control thanks to his anticipation and solid backward skating; he digs in and can stop and change direction fairly quickly, allowing him to step forward to poke the puck off the stick or lay a bodycheck on his man. He had a good freshman year with UConn and should drum up NHL interest as a second-time eligible.   (May 2016)