Joseph Cecconi

Aaron Vickers

Cecconi is an under the radar player who doesn’t make many ashy plays, but makes the safe, effective and well thought out plays that will put his team in a better position. He is strong on the puck and will skate up on the rush at times. Cecconi is a strong, physical defender who uses his body and strength very well, is effective in the physical game and likes to paste opponents into the boards. He is very strong defensively as he uses his size to his advantage on the wall and in front of the net as he clears traffic. He doesn’t possess a ton of skating speed but has the ability to push defenders back on the rush due to his positioning on the puck carrier. He has good all-round mobility but his speed limits him from catching his man when he is beat wide. Not a natural puck handler but can sustain pressure playing the point using his lateral mobility to walk along the blue line exceptionally well. Powerful and balanced on his feet as he cuts through the ice and tears it up getting to his destination. Cecconi has this patience that radiates off him when he has the puck as he doesn’t take just any shot from the point or make any careless pass — he carefully thinks through what he wants to do with the puck and what lanes he should exploit. He has a quick release on his wrist shot from the point and can get his slapper off quickly as well (but the power in it can improve). Never going to be a point producer at the next level, but is projected to play a sturdy all-round game. (May 2015)