Jordan Greenway

Darren Walker

Greenway is a physically mature playmaking winger. This Boston University commit possesses a long, powerful stride as he powers his way up ice; however, he tends to slow down in possession. He protects the puck on the wall like a beast, thanks to his large frame, and can hold his ground in front of the net without being pushed around. Needs to be careful he doesn’t become a gentle giant on the wall as he can be most effective using his size for the better to knock opponents off the puck–too often he will let up though. He shows off a heavy shot and has the sense to set up in shooting position off the face-off. He has a good hard wrister, but also shows the ability to score in many different ways. He is strong around the net and quick to put home feeds in front. He forechecks hard, back checks, and offers good support in the defensive zone, knowing his responsibilities. However, his defensive game can be quite spotty at times; some consistency would go a long way for his overall game. Greenway needs to be much stronger on the puck if he wants to be effective at the next level. He shouldn’t be losing as many puck battles as he does with his size. He will need to tighten up his stride and his strength in order to muscle his way through opponents to gain control of the puck and be more effective overall.   (May 2015)