Joona Koppanen

Aaron Vickers

Koppanen is a true power forward with excellent size and reach. He loves to lay the big hit and will be a load once he adds some extra mass to his lanky frame. Has tremendous vision and makes plays that make you think he has eyes in the back of his head. He applies good speed and pressure on the forecheck, making opponents pay for slow decision-making by crushing them with a check. Koppanen gets to the right places on the rush and sneaks into lanes to provide an option for the outlet. He can carry the puck himself, but more often, defers to the quicker linemate. He really has the ability to take control of the game when he wants to, though commitment and drive are traits we would like him to show more of on a consistent basis. While his effort on the backcheck is noticeable, Koppanen can also tend to float around the ice at times and not be fully engaged. When he is on his game, he is strong on the puck, but has a tendency to slow down his speed and look down at the puck when skating it up ice. He possesses long skating strides that allow him to reach respectable, but not burner-type, speeds. Also, when he is engaged, he can be pretty impressive chipping the puck into the zone, outflanking his facing defenseman and overpowering or outreaching him in the ensuing puck battle to retrieve it before turning his possession into a scoring opportunity.   (May 2016)