Jonne Tammela

Aaron Vickers

A solid two-way prospect who is just starting to show what he can become. Is shifty on his feet and has the ability to bolt in any direction but decides to take wide turns far too often. Possesses good separation speed and he can break away from his check and split to a lane for a pass. Often loses the puck when under pressure as he tries to gain speed and work his way up ice; will need to get stronger on the puck in order to maintain possession at top speed. Makes crisp passes to the most solid options in all three zones. Applies immense pressure on the forecheck and makes good use of his stick and body; finishes his checks as he gets low and drives his man into the wall. Uses his body to gain ground on his man and put him at into the boards if he has the opportunity to do so. Has a bomb of a shot. Tammela is strong in the face-off circle, winning draws cleanly to the perfect spot; setting his team up for success. We like what he brings to the game; a character, hard-working player who can provide solid depth and secondary scoring if he doesn’t reach his full potential. (May 2015)