Joni Ikonen

Aaron Vickers

Ikonen is a small but very skilled offensive player. He is very crafty, possessing great hands and puck-handling skills. His soft hands are good for more than just dangling through a maze of opponents as he’s a creative passer with natural abilities. He’s a quick, darting skater who moves around the ice with ease. His size and speed make him elusive and he demonstrates an ability to spin off checks in the corners. One of his best assets is his wrist shot. He masks his release well which makes his shot deceptive and he has a knack for getting it through traffic. It’s not always the most powerful of shots, but he gets it on goal quickly and that is often enough to fool the goalies. He is aware that his shot is one of his best assets and he is more than happy to pull the trigger. He is a player who wants to make a difference on every shift and is constantly scanning for ways to impact the game. Aside from having strong hand-eye-coordination he also has good foot-coordination as well, as he loves to bring the puck along with his skate and makes it look smooth and effortless. As a creative puck magician, however, he is prone to a high number of turnovers as he can over-handle the puck or tries to go through too many guys. That’s not going to fly at the next level and it’s a part of his game he’ll have to rein in. All-in-all, he has the speed, the playmaking, the shooting ability and the puck skills to potentially grow into a dynamic offensive player at the next level.