Jonathan Drouin

Darren Walker

Drouin is one of, if not the most skilled player on the puck in the entire 2013 NHL Draft. He can make plays at top speed as well as keep possession at top speed. He protects the puck very well, especially for a player of his size. Drouin is a good skater, very fast and effortless. He’s very agile and shifty and uses this quickness to be very dangerous one-on-one. His balance is impressive for a player of his limited stature and shows high-end mobility every time he skates into the offensive zone, changing up his speed to frustrate opponents with quick cuts and turns. His hockey sense and decision making are top notch. His anticipation was also quite impressive as he instinctually knows when to pressure the puck and where to go for interceptions. There is little doubt that his vision to see seems in play that are not yet open and offensive creativity with the puck are the best in this draft class. Drouin is a natural playmaker, shows the ability to hold up on the half-boards, dissect the play, and find a linemate, all in the matter of seconds. He has high-end vision and very smart with the puck, seemingly having eyes in the back of his head at times. Not an elite defensive forward by any means, but Drouin contributes by always being a presence in the defensive zone and using his hockey sense to anticipate what is coming. His interceptions often lead to odd man rushes in the offensive zone. He shows an impressive ability to quickly stick check an opponent and takeaway puck possession. (May 2013)