Jonathan Davidsson

Aaron Vickers

An offensively-gifted center who has many traits you want in a goal scorer. Shifty, light skater–
dances on the ice effortlessly–and is fast with the puck. Can beat d-men to the inside or, with
speed, to the outside. He has an excellent high-end top speed with explosive first step acceleration.
He seems to be the case of high-end with the puck, low-end without it. He possesses very
good puck skills, even at top speed, having the ability to deke his way through traffic and control
the puck. Shields exceptionally well with top-notch positioning as he keeps the puck close and
gets through defenders. He is constantly moving, looking to create, though not always going
with the best options. Retrieves bad passes well by kicking the puck up to his blade while driving
down the wall looking to enter the zone. Shaky defensive game and his movement in open ice
sometimes will leave you scratching your head. He does not shoot enough because when he
does get a wrister off it is fairly hard and accurate. Utilizes his speed on the forecheck, and to
chase his opponents, but he lacks consistent “jam” or “grit” when he catches them to be really
effective. A gritty aspect does pop up from time to time, but not consistently. Not an effective
player at all if he is not scoring. Needs to improve his board play and compete level.  (May 2015)