Jonathan Dahlen

Aaron Vickers

Dahlen is a true goal scorer with a superb shot release. He has some nice speed and a good skating base that will allow him to improve over time and get faster and stronger. He sees plays develop and explodes down the wing to create a passing option on the rush. Dahlen can change directions at full speed thanks to his quick agility and strong legs. His passes are sharp, right on the blade of his target. He disguises his intentions and is creative with the puck. He is a strong forechecker who works hard down low in the defensive zone to get loose pucks and outmuscle even bigger opponents. His defensive awareness and positioning is an important part of his game. He is seemingly always in position and willing to drop in front of a shot to block it whenever possible. He plays aggressively with his stick, getting it into lanes and trying to move quickly in order to intercept the puck from the opponent. He is not the most physical player on the ice, but if needed, he would bodycheck opponents, both along the board and to separate them from the puck. The son of former NHLer Ulf Dahlen, he has the natural instincts to know where to be on the ice for a prime scoring chance. Not only that, but he also creates his own opportunities through sheer hard work and determination. Sprinkle in a high level of skill and that becomes a recipe for a pretty effective scorer at any level. Dahlen was absolutely fantastic for Timra this season—especially in the playoffs—playing a vital role against men in the Allsvenskan.  (May 2016)