Jonathan Ang

Aaron Vickers

Ang is a responsible two-way, speedy and smart center who plays an all-situations game. He produced inconsistent offensive results this season, but did show a few highlight-reel worthy offensive plays. Determined and hard-working in all situations, he anticipates well on the penalty kill, utilizing his agility and explosive feet to cut down lanes. Offensively, the kid is constantly moving to open space and goes to the net, but gets knocked around a little due to his lack of size and strength. Ang possesses quick acceleration and can gain top speed in a hurry. When driving up ice with the puck, he can generate tremendous speed. He has soft hands and he keeps his head up off the rush so he can step around defenders or find teammates in stride. Ang doesn’t get much power behind his shots, but he does find his spots. He likes to lightly chip the puck up high when in close. Ang is a little hesitant to take a hit, but he does show a willingness to use his body to muscle opponents off the puck. He is a very aware center who thinks the game at a high level, seeing lanes develop and knowing where he needs to be. His passes are hard and on-point, but sometimes are too hot for his teammates to handle. Defensively, he picks up his man and helps out below the hash marks or on the wall, digging for the puck in battles. He needs to add some strength if he’s really going to impose himself offensively.   (May 2016)