Jonas Siegenthaler

Aaron Vickers

The big Swiss is a thick-bodied defenseman who plays a heavy game and makes a strong
outlet pass. He moves well laterally and has this aura of patience and confidence around him
as he controls the puck. He is mobile with good agility and strong backward skating ability. Uses
his acceleration to catch opponents and chase down loose pucks to start the attack. Is strong
on his feet with a low center of gravity, which enables him to protect the puck and shield it from
attackers. Makes his passes look easy in transition as he quickly picks his target and sends off
a crisp pass that is easy to handle on the rush. Isn’t fazed by the slightest pressure and makes
strong plays in the most pressure situations. Will grind it out in the corners of his own zone to
regain possession and he will use his body to knock opponents around and get the puck. He
pushes his man to the outside and drives him into the wall to fully remove him from the play and
grab the puck. Uses his agility and fast feet to cover more area on the penalty kill and does a
good job of cutting space from the puck carrier. He is consistent shift-to-shift and always ends
up making the smart play. Siegenthaler plays his man hard and gives him no space to make a
play, closing the gap in a hurry. Holds his position well, and doesn’t get beat by fancy moves.  (May 2015)