Jonas Brodin

Aaron Vickers

A smooth and poised two-way defenseman who exudes calmness and leader- ship on the ice. Has a very high panic threshold and will hold onto the puck until the last possible second, even taking a hit, to allow his teammates to get open or in a prime scoring area. Skates extremely well with great overall mobility and agility. Very rare that he gets beat one-on-one because of his elite skating and mature patience. Reads the developing play and communicates with his defense partner well. Always makes the right play because of his one- ice smarts and anticipation. Sees the ice well and makes solid tape-to-tape passes from deep in his own zone. Will join the rush or carry the puck himself when it is safe to do so. Does not jump out at you because his style is so calm and calculated. Not a big offensive threat but can add to the attack when he sees an opening. Has an underrated shot that he does not use enough. Very physically weak and only because of his positioning and quick reads does this not show up more as a detriment to his game. (May 2011)