Jon Merrill

Aaron Vickers

One of the top US National Development Teams defenders as he is one of the ‘Towers of Power’ playing in Ann Arbor, Michigan this season. Has displayed a real solid defensive game. Has good overall mobility which helps him maintain solid positioning on attackers and is skilled at eliminating chances with an active stick and closing off lanes. Is a smart defender who does not make that many ashy or physical plays but rather uses his size, reach and defensive awareness to nullify attackers. Is a safe defender in all three zones on the ice. While he will not throttle a guy into the boards or throw many devastating open-ice hits, he does use his strength well when it comes to eliminating threats around his net. Offensively has shown loads of potential with ashes of Alex Pietrangelo type offensive plays. Makes consistently strong, accurate outlet passes, joins the rush and can carry the puck up ice well. Many see him as a non-physical defensive defender which does not excite those who thought he would be more. Will need to add more of a physical element to his game, concentrate on upping his offensive production and work on improving his speed in college before he should try to make the jump to the pro level. (May 2010)