John McFarland

Aaron Vickers

An athletic and skilled forward who has solid wheels and strong balance on his blades. Has the demeanor to be aggressive, gritty and will fight through checks. Has a great pro ready shot that is one of the OHL best and the ability to get it off quickly, even in heavy traffic. Shows a willingness to consistently get back to help out on the defensive side of things. Can be hard to play against when he is going hard on the forecheck and playing the body. Has an outstanding vision of the ice and can make strong tape-to-tape passes. Is strong on the puck and handles it well moving it up ice quickly on the rush. Has shown that he will stand up for himself or teammates by dropping the gloves.  Consistency is a glaring issue as he has all the skill in the world but often times lacks the heart or drive to be a difference maker. His interest in the game wanes from contest to contest. Gives up too much on offensive chances in the name of retreating for ‘defensive play’. When he gets back he often is a spectator who does not engage the opposition strong enough. (May 2010)