John Marino

Aaron Vickers

Marino is a mobile, offensive-minded defenseman. In any of the three zones, he loves the puck on his stick. In his own zone, he likes to rush the puck and while he moves well, he is more effective passing the puck up the ice as he sees the ice well and hits his teammates in stride. This Yale commit possesses confidence with the puck and exudes poise and maturity as he skates it up ice and sets up offensively. Has a very impressive shot selection and velocity; can get off a heavy slap shot quickly without being fully set. Also has a quick release on his wrist shot that buzzes just off the ice and creates rebounds in front. Has the ability to slow the game down as he glides down the wall looking for options to present themselves or lanes to open up. Can get too aggressive and leave his partner to defend odd man rushes the other way at times. Defensively, he uses his frame to his advantage by outmuscling the puck carrier along the wall and playing the body as soon as the puck carrier dumps the puck behind him, denying any movement to chase it down in the corner. He is a strong backwards skater who is very mobile and strong on his feet. Anticipates the play exceptionally well and adapts to his surroundings. He can look to be a little hesitant when under pressure with the puck. (May 2015)