John Hayden

Darren Walker

Hayden is a massive winger that works hard and has enough skill to play a top-six role. His skating is a work in progress, however he does get to where he needs to be and is freight train-like when he builds up that head of steam. He is always hustling all over on the ice, offense or defensively. When he is on he finishes his checks with authority, drive the net and gets into the opponents face. He has good instincts and awareness; puts himself in good spots and also covers for pinching defensemen. He has decent offensive skills that include some strong passes and a hard shot but is not going to dance into the slot by beating multiple defenders with slick hands and feet. Hayden is going to be your ‘chip and chase’ type who will absolutely blow up his fair share of retreating defensemen and create havoc around the net. A true north-south type winger, he can physically dominate but does not always play with that aggressiveness you would like to see a guy his size play with. A leader both on the ice and in the locker room, he is respected and well-liked by his teammates and should eventually wear a letter on his pro jersey. (May 2013)