Johan Gronquist

Aaron Vickers

Extremely talented, but still lots to work on and a little bit all over the place. Skilled with the puck, some of the softest hands on a defenseman in this age group and very effective from the point on the power play, despite not having the big shot. Offensive awareness is excellent and he distributes the puck really well while being a mobile point man. Good, powerful skating stride and very effective in all aspects when it comes to moving the puck from his own end, most commonly using smart, quick passes, but also is a good puck carrier. Will need a lot of fine-tuning on his defensive game as he stares at the puck and gets caught out of position. He also has some problems sorting out where to be and who to cover, and shows issues with gap control as well. Comes from a lower level of play in terms of skill and smarts, but not physique, having played in a men’s league for a large part of the year. OK size and strength at this level, but obviously needs to keep improving in this area as well as with all the other parts of his defensive game to be able to contribute at the pro level. Would need for him to work on his shot to be a complete offensive threat. Strong in transition and moves the puck effectively. Been taking big steps forward with great development throughout the year. (May 2014)